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  1. Rig Cooling System (Deluge Systems).
  2. Firefighting & Emergency Response Services.
  3. High Pressure Dewatering Services.
  4. Crude Transfer and Pumping Services.
  5. Well Productivity Analysis.

WELLOILMAF’s Rig Cooling Solution is a safety system that Suppresses Heat Radiation Generated by Hydrocarbon Flaring during exploration and development well testing, extended well test, cleanup and drill string test operations. The solid water wall enable operators to access better reservoir performance data, Improve well bore clean-up, reduce repair and standby cost, preserve installation Integrity, equipment and personnel safety.

This system comprises of electrical submersible pumps that lift the sea water to the deck level, diesel booster pumps for water distribution to strategically positioned nozzle, diverters manifold and control valves, hard wall hoses nozzles, designed to discharge water spray for heat radiation during high flaring and cleanup operation.

WELLOILMAF Rig Cooling System is customized to the client’s specific needs and includes a site survey where all relevant technical data is gathered and specific issues are discussed with key installation Rig cooling modelling and 3D analysis is carried out, based on well characteristic and well testing parameters.

Recorded cases of Rigs and platform fire outbreak in the exploration and production sector in the global oil and gas industry, due to excessive heat radiation generated by hydrocarbons during flaring operation. API HSE standards 521 shows losses of huge amount of money on installation repairs and equipment losses as a result of heat radiation, exceeding above the approved thermal heat limit by the America Petroleum Institute API HSE standard.

In recent development in the well testing industry resulting in high heat radiant, clean and green burner designs, it became necessary to design a heat suppression safety system that allows a safe working environment for personnel and equipment during cleanup operation.

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Summery of Operations Overview

  1. Welloilmaf Deluge Systems During Well Testing Operation at OKORO WELL (AMNI)

  2. OKORO WELL 2 Rig Cooling System (Deluge) at Shief Drilling – Trident IV March 2020

  3. Welloilmaf Deluge Field Specialists Installing / Function Testing the Deluge Systems March 2020

  4. Welloilmaf cooling systems installed on Schlumberger burner at Baltic Shelf drilling. Total E&P Nig

Welloilmaf Pumping Solutions

WELLOILMAF own a fleet of purpose-built submersible pumps, High volume centrifugal pumps, high pressure multi stage pumps, High pressure firefighting pumps and triplex pumps that can be used for a variety of applications. In recent times, WELLOILMAF has delivered excellence quality services to our clients in the Niger Delta Region both with the IOC’s & the indigenous marginal field operators. In addition to our core business of rig cooling systems, these work for well intervention applications, such as:

  1. Platform Seawater Delivery
  2. Back-up to Fire Pumps
  3. Firefighting & Emergency Response Services
  4. Water Injection Supply
  5. General Water Transfer
  6. Spud can Jetting & Water Jetting
  7. High Pressure Dewatering Operations
  8. Water for Mud Cooling
  9. Crude Oil Transfer
  1. WELLOILMAF Function Testing the Firefighting Pumps at a Client Wellsite. Dawes Island OML 54

  2. WELLOILMAF Fire Hydrant Barge During Emergency Fire Drill in an Indigenous Marginal Field

  3. WELLOILMAF Crude Oil Transfer Operation at First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Ltd. Terminal (FHN)

Why Choose Our Service?

The management of Welloimaf Energy Services Ltd. Recognizes that we have an obligation to protect the human, physical and financial resources of the company. We recognize our responsibility to manage our company in such a way that these resources are conserved and utilized effectively. Accordingly, our policy is to:

  1. Make our work places free from recognized hazards, which are likely to cause death, injury, illness, and damage to property.
  2. Recognize the priority of safety, health, and environmental factors where there is competition with economic consideration.

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Other Services

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