In our work we have pride, quality is what we provide.

  1. High Pressure Triplex Pumps.
  2. High Volume & Pressure Centrifugal Pumps.
  3. Chemical Injection Pumps.
  4. Air Compressors.

One of the leading equipment rental and tools to the oilfield industry.

12’’ x 10’’Suction. 6,500GPM Heavy duty High Volume Centrifugal Pump

Welloilmaf Energy Services rentals division has a vast inventory of equipment and tools that can be used in so many applications, such as high pressure pumps for pipeline flushing, water jetting, tanks farms cleaning, firefighting and sand blasting air compressors Digital memory sensors gauges, temperature sensors, vibration sensor and Leo memory gauges etc. they are all inspected and tested to ensure safety and quality performance.

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High pressure plunger pump. 4.5 inch, 10,000psi, 8 b/m, with all accessories

10ft Portable-cabin(external view) 10ft Portable-cabin(internal view)

Air reserve tank manifold

4.1bbl Knock-out Vessel

VT-8 8mt 4x1000w Metal Halide Tower Light

Mobile Toilet

Welloilmaf mobile toilet system; also known as clears tram system is the finest aerobic waste-water system. A Safety System that attenuate the challenges encountering during field or site operations or business.

Our System converts the sewage from your residence or business site into a clear, odorless liquid

Why Choose Our Service?

The management of Welloimaf Energy Services Ltd. Recognizes that we have an obligation to protect the human, physical and financial resources of the company. We recognize our responsibility to manage our company in such a way that these resources are conserved and utilized effectively. Accordingly, our policy is to:

  1. Make our work places free from recognized hazards, which are likely to cause death, injury, illness, and damage to property.
  2. Recognize the priority of safety, health, and environmental factors where there is competition with economic consideration.

Expert People

At Welloilmaf, we always have the right & competent people for your project.

Quality Work

We have a result-oriented team that pays utmost attention to quality and details.

24/7 Support

We work together with our clients towards a shared vision and recognize that we can achieve more through collaboration.

Other Services

Well Testing

Rig Cooling System (Deluge Systems). Firefighting & Emergency Response Services.

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Procurement & Rental

High Pressure Triplex Pumps. High Volume & Pressure Centrifugal Pumps.

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Environmental Services

We recognizes that we have an obligation to protect the human, physical..

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