WELLOILMAF ENERGY SERVICES LTD has in its pool, highly experienced and skilled personnel who are experts in their various fields.

We employ a general management approach that places a great premium on innovation and creativity; it is thus able to respond in a dynamic and proactive manner to clients changing needs.  WELLOILMAF is in partnership with B0SSPAC Engineering Technology Company in both foreign and local operations, to boast her strong technical and financial base for the purpose of providing the full range of her services to oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

Our equipment is highly mobile and very cost-effective. Also our Rig cooling System, Well Test Support, Well Integrity Management Solutions, Pumping Services and Monitoring Sensors Services eliminate the usual high cost of maintaining facilities. Welloilmaf has a well-deserved reputation for quality customer service. Her focus is to provide top-quality technical services to Nigeria’s exploration and production arm of the oil and gas industry with expansion plans for the world oil marketing in view.


To be the best indigenous oil-field service provider with superior and reliable service to our customers.


To be a growth-oriented industry
leader in our areas of specialty. And to be respected for the quality, competence and efficiency of our people and operations.


Our core value is to establish a common set of expectations of our conduct for all our stakeholders. These values effectively summarize dozens of pages of directives, guidelines, procedures, etc and easily from a tool by which conduct is measured. Together these values form the acronym “TECH” which drives our resilience to be the best.


Team Work: We shall encourage, build and sustain long-term mutually beneficial relationships for staff and other stakeholders. With our “We can do” spirit, we shall through collaboration deliver our target goals.


– Rig Cooling System (Deluge Systems)
– Firefighting & Emergency Response Services
– High-Pressure Dewatering Services
– Crude Transfer and Pumping Services
– Well Productivity Analysis

– High-Pressure Triplex Pumps
– High Volume & Pressure Centrifugal Pumps
– Chemical Injection Pumps
– Air Compressors

– Well Flow Monitoring Sensors Readings
– Pressure & Level Monitoring Solutions
– Vibration Sensors, Valve Cap Temperature – Monitoring
– Wireless monitoring Systems.

– Wellhead Maintenance
– Flow Station Maintenance and Services
– Instrumentation and control Services